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Adenso GmbH

Adenso GmbH

Adenso GmbH

Business Segments:
  • Semiconductor Industry
  • Computers
  • Rail / Automotive
  • Equipment
  • Electronic
  • Photovoltaics
Core Competences:
  • Service: Project
  • R2R roll-to-roll equipment and processing
  • handling and processing of flexible substrates
  • ultra-thin and thin substrate handling
  • high vacuum equipment
  • wafer and carrier handling robots for vacuum applications
  • substrate test equipment
  • Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) - innovative thin glass processing
  • Automation technology with Assembly.Test.Robot.Cleanroom.Solutions
Waferhandling.Solutions E

Adenso robot solutions for high-vacuum and glovebox environments possess a range of unique characteristics, which means that these solutions are used all over the world and are valued for their reliability, especially in semiconductor production.

The highly successful Adenso concept for industrial VacBots offers customers a needs-based, tailored solution comprising existing or modified vacuum robotics modules.

The BasicLayout + WaferhandlingRobot + WaferhandlingModule + LoadlockModule together create a turnkey product with defined interfaces.

As a result, wafers of up to 450 mm, loads of up to 5 kg and more as well as extreme ranges are possible.

  • HV + UHV cluster systems for research and production
  • WHR-VAC wafer-handling robot with large, extra large and ultra large ranges (3 times the familiar range), also available as a glove-box and full stainless steel variant
  • WHM wafer-handling modules with as many process reports as required
  • LLM LoadLock modules automatic or manual
  • SCS substrate and carrier handling in a vacuum or with heating elements, for multiple carriers, for carrying substrates, etc.

Roll-to-roll systems for flexible materials in a high vacuum

Adenso winding plants for all processes in laboratory, industry and clean room environments, for material widths ranging from a few millimetres to more than a metre:
  • ATM winding plants for atmospheric processes
  • VAC winding plants for vacuum processes
  • Laminating systems for flexible materials
  • Hybrid systems for ATM-VAC combination solutions

Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) - innovative thin glass processing
  • UTG winding plants
  • UTG process modules, e.g. FPM330X-UTG first industrial system for processing ultra thin glass that integrates all customer processes (atmosphere, glove-box, vacuum, scaleable) for coating, structuring, annealing, laminating for research and production

From manual workstations and assembly cells to fully automated production lines.
  • Assembly.Solutions
  • Test.Solutions
  • Robot.Solutions
  • Clean room.Solutions

But Adenso does more than just develop the technology for Industry 4.0 and the Internet of things, because it also deploys this technology in its own products. This means that the data from all Adenso robots is collected in a European Equipment.Cloud, meaning that customers benefit from precise and rapid data access to software updates, commissioning states, check lists, system parameters and documentation.

“Thanks to its ToolCloud.Solutions Adenso has transformed, in a simple and helpful way, the Internet of things into something that can be understood and experienced,” says W. Weinrich, project manager at Bühler AG.

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