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Novel coating technologies for precision optics in the nano era

Photonics and other related Precision Optics are key technologies of the twenty-first century. Almost no area of life today can operate without optical technologies. Applications such as data and communication technology, find photonics to be indispensable.

With a growing base of new applications and the tight design requirements to meet these, it becomes necessary to evolve new coating processes. This need is based on the notion that traditional optical coating processes, refined over the past eighty years may not suffice for nano-era requirements.

Join us in this 2nd Solayer International Optics Symposium as we explore the various technologies, tools and real-time in-situ techniques which are geared to drive Precision Optics in the Nano Era.

Symposium Content

•Monochrome Optical Monitoring.
•High Density Plasma Technology for Optical Coatings.
•Magnetron sputtering - Introduction and Recent Development.
•Production of Demanding Optical Coatings by EOSS®
•Simulation of Optical Thin Film Growth in PVD Processes.
•Latest Process Results from the SOLAYER AVIOR M -300 Production tool.
•New Trends and Developments in the Field of Optical Coating.
•Magnetron Sputtering of EUV Multilayer Optics.
•And more…




Detailed Program Content

Date: 28th November,2018
9.00 am: Arrival and Verification
10. 00 am: Symposium Start
Registration Fees :
Non-members of  the  OPTECNET NETWORK: 190.00 EUR
Members of the  OPTECNET NETWORK: 140.00 EUR
Venue :
Quality Hotel Dresden West,
Zschoner Ring 6,
01723 Kesselsdof, Germany

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Quality Hotel Dresden West

Zschoner Ring 6
01723 Kesselsdorf

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