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Silicon Saxony Annual Meeting 2018

The Annual Meeting of Silicon Saxony e. V. is one of our main events to unite our high-tech community. On behalf of the board members, we would like to invite our members to attend our Annual Meeting, November 28, 2018 at the Hilton Hotel Dresden in the beautiful old town of Dresden.

We would like to seize the opportunity to provide a review of the current year and to take a look at the plans and projects of our association in 2019.

Please feel free to join us at our get together which is closing the event.

The participation in the event is only possible for Silicon Saxony members.



16:30 Entrance
17:00 Opening by the Silicon Saxony Board

17:05 Cluster of Excellence CeTI | n.n.

17:25  "Manage Equipment Lifecycle - intelligent Single Source of Truth"
            Oliver Jeutner | AIS Automation Dresden GmbH

17:45  Presentation of new members
18:00  General meeting:

  1.  Election of the Chairman of the Meeting and Findings
    Heinz-Martin Esser | Board Silicon Saxony e. V.
  2.  Report of the Board about Silicon Saxony e. V. & Report about Silicon Saxony Management GmbH
     Heinz-Martin Esser, Gitta Haupold | Board Silicon Saxony e. V.
     Frank Bösenberg | Managing Director Silicon Saxony Management GmbH

  1. Satisfaction Survey -  Live Online Voting
  2.  Presentation of Annual Financial Statements 2017
  3.  Resolution to approve the actions of all members of the Board
  4.  Preview annual financial statements 2018
  5.  budget 2019

  6.  Adoption of a resolution to approve the budget for 2019
  7.  Adoption of a resolution to amend the Articles of Association
  8.  Resolutions to supplement the Rules of Contributions

  9.  Farewell Gitta Haupold
  10.  Election of the Board of Management

ca. 19:45  Get together & Networking

Hilton Hotel Dresden

An der Frauenkirche 5
01067 Dresden

Hilton Hotel Dresden

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