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International Workshop on Flexible Electronics and Sensors

Flexible Electronics meets Sensors

On September 23rd, the cross cluster network „Sensorik Sachsen“ (SenSa) and the cluster Organic Electronics Saxony are inviting to a workshop to discuss future sensor applications across various sectors. The International Workshop on Flexible Electronics and Sensors offers a broad variety of presentations on sensor technology with a focus on the automotive and aerospace sectors in combination with technology offerings from the Organic Electronics Saxony and Silicon Saxony clusters. Guests from the OES partner cluster in Yonezawa, Japan, complete the program.

The program contains two tracks and nine sessions covering the following topics:

  • Sensors in Automotive
  • Sensing Technologies with Silicon and Beyond
  • Sensors in Aviation
  • Flexible and Organic Sensors
  • Printed Electronics
  • Organic Electronics
  • Materials for Flexible Electronics
  • Roll-to-roll Production Technologies
  • Flexible Displays

More information on the program and the registration can be found here.

Sensors are already an integral part of our everyday lives. However, their influence on our lives will continue to increase, in a wide variety of areas, relieve us of tasks, offer us security or simply make everyday (and professional) life easier. Saxony has a rich industrial landscape with competencies in many industries and technology areas. These competences must be used and cooperative synergies created between the individual areas. Therefore, the Saxon Ministry of Labour, Economics and Transport (SMWA) supports the innovation cross cluster network „Sensorik Sachsen“ (SenSa) for the creation of innovation spaces in which exactly these competence intersections are found and used.

In numerous events, the 7 Saxon partner cluster offer the opportunity to get to know each other, to exchange ideas, but also to develop common ideas for the future and to initiate new projects. Take advantage of these opportunities.

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Organic Electronics Saxony
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