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Enabling the Technologies for Semicon

Today, semiconductor technology represents one of the most important industry sectors in the world. It paves the way for progress made in processor technology, data storage, signal processing, and opto-electronics and, therefore, facilitates for the next generation of microprocessors, memory chips, and power semiconductors. These semiconductor components are the prerequisite for essential developments in 6G technology, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud and Edge Computing, or Electric and Autonomous Vehicles. At the same time, these growing markets are placing high demands on semiconductor manufacturers: Even smaller and more complex integrated circuits (IC) with higher functional density and reduced energy consumption, shorter product and technology innovation cycles, higher volumes, and the increasing cost pressure.

Each equipment component and machine used by integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) or foundry companies for the manufacturing of semiconductor chips must follow these requirements. And also  each of the demanding and sensitive manufacturing steps – both in the development of process-related technologies and the numerous processing steps a silicon wafer undergoes.

In the digital event "Enabling the Technologies for Semicon" Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co. KG wants to bundle knowledge about market trends and technologies in order to meet the needs of industry and end customers - now and in future. You can expect exciting presentations from experts on applications, manufacturing requirements and solutions.

More information on registration can be found here: Enabling the Technologies for Semicon

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