Aktuelle Veranstaltungen von Silicon Saxony e. V. https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/current-events/events-information/eventsdata/rss/?type=51080 https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/missions-for-startups-and-scaleups/ <![CDATA[23.09.2019 - 15.11.2019 Missions for Startups and Scaleups]]>

With Soft-Landing Missions, startups and scaleups have the chance to dive into a 1-week experience in a foreign ecosystem to help them grow their business internationally. In the EU ecosystems, startups can extend their stay for up to 1-month and benefit from soft-landing and scaling support.

  • Get access and connect with the destination ecosystem network
  • Gain knowledge of the ecosystem's establishment conditions, incentives, tax and legislation
  • Receive hands-on support from local mentors
  • Participate in local events and conference


Startup and scaleup indicators: Funding to date, revenues, traction, strength of the team.

Geography: Startups and scaleups can be from any European Union country or H2020 Associated country. Participation in a Mission within the ecosystem where the startup is based at is not allowed.

Motivation: Motivation to scale to and benefit from the destination startup ecosystem.

Capacity of scaling up:
Capacity of scaling to the destination startup ecosystem.

Number of applications to the Soft-Landing Open Calls: 1) Each applicant may participate only once (1 time) in a Mission within the EU under the Startup Europe grant. Multiple participations is a disqualification factor. In case an applicant participates in more than one open call within the EU, all associated applications will be automatically excluded from the evaluation process. 2) Soft-Landing Alumni (startup/ecosystem builder) are encouraged to apply to other Missions but will not be eligible for the Startup Europe grant.

Choose your destination

Soft-Landing is inviting you to join their free, 1-week missions to learn how to internationalise your scaleup, make new connections, learn about the legal/tax environment and meet investors and VCs.

> The Netherlands (23-27 September, 2019)
- for FINTECH startups/scaleups

> The Netherlands (25-27 September, 2019)
- for FINTECH startup ecosystem leaders only

> New York (14-18 October, 2019)
- for startups/scaleups

> Berlin, Germany (4-8 November, 2019)
- for startups/scaleups

> Silicon Valley (11-15 November, 2019) - for startups/scaleups


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https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/invitation-to-korea-germany-core-technology-business-meeting-investment-ir/ <![CDATA[23.10.2019 Invitation to Korea-Germany Core Technology Business meeting & Investment IR]]>

On behalf of KITIA(Korea Core Technology Investment Association), we are pleased to invite you to the Korea-Germany Core Technology Business cooperation meeting & Investment IR meeting in Dresden, Germany.

It will be held on October 23th, 2019, at the Steigenberger Hotel Dresden Banquet Hall for Business cooperation meeting and investment IR between Korean and German companies.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy(MOTIE) participates on behalf of the Korean government and this event will be a good opportunity for the participation of outstanding companies from Germany and Korea to create new business growth engines.

Contact from the host: Germany & Korea

Ms. Hee-Ra Chung
Tel: +49 (0)201 8090 6467
Email: chung@ddskoreaconsulting.de Mobile: +49 (0)170 70 98 573

Mr. Harold Hong
Tel: +82 (2)561 6698
Email: zetabiz@zetaplan.com Fax: +82 (2)6008 4779

Tue, 24 Sep 2019 12:28:07 +0100 https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/invitation-to-korea-germany-core-technology-business-meeting-investment-ir/
https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/save-the-date/ <![CDATA[23.10.2019 - 24.10.2019 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TRENDS AND DEVELOPMENTS IN SAXONY, BAVARIA AND CZECH REPUBLIC]]>

Information exchange on current developments in the area of Artificial Intelligence in Saxony, Czech Republic, and Bavaria, in order to facilitate collaborations in the field.

The conference will be attended by the Bavarian Minister for Digital Affairs, Judith Gerlach, the Saxon State Minister for Higher Education, Research and the Arts, Dr.Eva-Maria Stange. Among the keynote speakers will be Prof. Ute Schmid, University of Bamberg, Prof. Steffen Hölldobler, TU Dresden, Prof. Vladimír Ma?ík, CTU Prague, and Eduard Palíšek, Ph.D., Siemens s.r.o. Experts from academia, the public sector, and industry from all three localities have committed to participate in the event.

An official invitation with a registration link and further information will follow in September.

The programme will include workshops and networking possibilities. The conference will be held in English.

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https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/pro-flex-2019/ <![CDATA[04.11.2019 - 06.11.2019 pro flex 2019]]>

Roll-to-roll processing of flexible materials by using wet chemical and vacuum coating technologies is a high growth industry with a wide variety of important industrial products like packaging films, solar control window films, batteries, capacitors, touch-screens, flexible OLED lighting and signage, RFIDs, anti-counterfeiting labels, solar cells, future flexible displays, building envelope components, and many more.

From November 5 – 6, 2019
, a colorful conference program on current issues in research and practice of roll-to-roll technology awaits you. 2019, this program is complemented for the first time by an afternoon tutorial on roll-to-roll technologies on November 4.

Call for papers: Please send the title and a brief abstract of your paper to proflex@fep.fraunhofer.de

Register here!


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https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/semicon-europa-1/ <![CDATA[12.11.2019 - 15.11.2019 SEMICON Europa]]>

From 12 to 15 November 2019 SEMICON Europa will be held in Munich together with productronica.

The SEMICON Europa technology and business programs address the critical issues and challenges facing the microelectronics industries and provide the information, education, and guidance that needed to move your innovations and products to market.

SEMICON Europa attracts a highly influential audience from every segment and sector of the European microelectronics industries including: semiconductors, LEDs, MEMS, printed/organic/flexible, and other adjacent markets. Exhibitor and attendees meet to enact change and address industry-shaping trends.

International, innovative, unrivalled: productronica is the only event of its kind to depict the entire value chain for electronics manufacturing. Attend productronica 2019 and profit from its unique atmosphere.

The following companies are on the booth:

Adenso GmbH
Azbil Europe NV
Ebara Precision Machinery
Horiba Europe GmbH
camLine GmbH
Fraunhofer IZM-Assid
znt Richter
InnoLas Semiconductor
Entegris GmbH
MCRT Micro Cleanroom
Fabmatics GmbH
Arcade Engineering GmbH
Photronics MZD GmbH
Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH
MKS Instruments Deutschland GmbH
isel Germany AG
Picosun Europe GmbH
Cleanpart Group GmbH
Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH
Rudolph Technologies Europe BV
Solayer GmbH
Fraunhofer ENAS
ATT Systems GmbH
Particle Measuring Systems Germany GmbH
"Landeshauptstadt Dresden Amt für Wirtschaftsförderung"
Umicore AG & Co. KG

Thu, 07 Dec 2017 09:47:06 +0100 https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/semicon-europa-1/
https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/materials-for-energy/ <![CDATA[18.11.2019 - 19.11.2019 MATERIALS FOR ENERGY]]>

Workshop "Carbon Electrode Materials" November 18, 2019
Workshop "Lithium Metal Anodes: Processing and Integration in Next-Generation Batteries" November 19, 2019

Two workshops – one goal: Shaping the future of energy systems

The development of new materials, their processing and integration into applications are key aspects in the development of safe and high energy future generation energy storage systems. Combined within the joined topic of "Materials for energy" Fraunhofer IWS provides two topical workshops covering latest innovations for two different classes of electrode materials and their impact on enhanced energy storage.


  •     Synthesis and characterization of advanced carbon electrode materials
  •     Processing of carbon electrodes
  •     Carbon electrodes in energy storage and conversion
  •     Processing of Lithium metal anodes
  •     Protective coatings on Lithium anodes for battery applications
  •     Safety and performance of Lithium anodes in future generation batteries
Thu, 08 Aug 2019 10:12:19 +0100 https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/materials-for-energy/
https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/smart-city-expo-world-congress/ <![CDATA[19.11.2019 - 21.11.2019 Smart City Expo World Congress]]>

Der Smart City Expo World Congress wird veranstaltet um Städte zu stärken und städtische Innovationen auf der ganzen Welt zu sammeln. Durch die Förderung sozialer Innovationen, durch Partnerschaften und die Identifizierung von Geschäftsmöglichkeiten möchte die Veranstaltung eine bessere Zukunft für Städte und ihre Bürger weltweit schaffen. Der Kongress findet vom 19. - 21. November 2019 in Barcelona statt.

Als weltweit führende Veranstaltung für Städte, bietet das Event einen einzigartigen Treffpunkt für die Smart City Branche und eine innovative Plattform für urbanes Handeln weltweit. Die Fokusthemen sind:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Urban Environment
  • Mobility
  • Governance & Finance
  • Inclusive & Sharing Cities

Das Event besteht aus drei Schwerpunkten:

1. Kongress
Ein dreitägiges Programm mit +400 internationalen Experten, die sich treffen, um Erkenntnisse auszutauschen und bewährte Praktiken für eine nachhaltigere städtische Welt zu erlernen. Ein weltweiter Dialog, der die nächsten Schritte der Stadtentwicklung prägt.

2. Ausstellung

Ein 45.000 m2 großer Marktplatz, auf dem 844 globale Unternehmen und Organisationen ihre neuesten Projekte vorstellen und auf +21.000 Teilnehmern treffen.

3. Nebenveranstaltungen & Aktivitäten
Eine kuratierte Liste von Sessions und Workshops, die das Veranstaltungsprogramm erweitert und Antworten auf konkrete Herausforderungen gibt. Der perfekte Weg, um die dringlichsten Themen zu erforschen und von Worten zu Taten überzugehen.


Thu, 14 Mar 2019 08:10:53 +0100 https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/smart-city-expo-world-congress/
https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/jahreshauptversammlung-2019/ <![CDATA[26.11.2019 Silicon Saxony Annual Meeting 2019]]>

The Annual Meeting of Silicon Saxony e. V. is one of our main events to unite our high-tech community. On behalf of the board members, we would like to invite our members to attend our Annual Meeting, November 26, 2019, at the Maritim Hotel Dresden.

We would like to seize the opportunity to provide a review of the current year and to take a look at the plans and projects of our association for the year 2020.

Please feel free to join us at our get together which is closing the event. The agenda will be published soon.

The participation in the event is only possible for Silicon Saxony members.



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https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/25-gmp-konferenz/ <![CDATA[04.12.2019 - 05.12.2019 25. GMP-Konferenz]]>

Die GMP-Konferenz feiert am 04.-05.12.2019 in Dresden ihr 25. Jubiläum und bietet so die perfekte Gelegenheit, eine Reise durch die Zeit anzutreten. Blicken Sie mit uns gemeinsam auf die Entwicklung der GMP-Galaxie zurück und begleiten Sie uns auf dieser interessanten Mission.

Der Fokus liegt dabei aber natürlich auf dem Hier und Jetzt. Auch 2019 bietet das GxP-Universum viele spannende Themen und Herausforderungen, die genauer erforscht werden sollten: Digitalisierung, Serialisierung, Brexit, MRA EU-USA und Anhang 1 für sterile Arzneimittel, um nur einige Schlagworte zu nennen.

•    Erfahren Sie die aktuellen Trends und Neuerungen der GxP-Welt von erfahrenen Inspektoren und Industrievertretern.
•    Erhalten Sie konkrete Praxistipps anhand von Fallbeispielen.
•    Absolvieren Sie eine Erfolgskontrolle, um Ihr Zertifikat für Inspektionen und Audits zu erhalten.
•    Tauschen Sie sich mit Experten und den anderen Teilnehmern aus und erweitern Sie so Ihr Netzwerk.

Round Tables
Erleben Sie bei den Round Tables einen spannenden Dialog zwischen Behörde und Industrie. Experten aus GMP-Inspektoraten stellen sich Ihren Fragen in einer lockeren Gesprächsatmosphäre. Drei Round Tables finden parallel statt. Die Themen der Round Tables sind analog den aktuellen Trends strukturiert und werden in Kürze veröffentlicht. Wir halten Sie hier auf dem Laufenden.

Steering Committee: Diese Mitglieder des Steering Committees sind an der Planung beteiligt:

•    Klaus Eichmüller, Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt
•    Dr. Nadine Frankenberg, synlab pharma institute AG, CH Birsfelden
•    Reinhard Schnettler, PTS Training Service, Arnsberg
•    Prof. Dr. Christa Schröder, Hochschule Albstadt-Sigmaringen
•    Rico Schulze, Sächsisches Staatsministerium für Soziales und Verbraucherschutz, Dresden
•    Dr. Gabriele Wanninger, Regierung von Oberbayern, München

Mon, 01 Jul 2019 12:09:51 +0100 https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/25-gmp-konferenz/
https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/hybrid-materials-and-additive-manufacturing-processes-hymapro-workshop/ <![CDATA[11.12.2019 - 12.12.2019 Hybrid Materials and Additive Manufacturing Processes (HyMaPro) Workshop]]>

The 2nd HyMaPro Workshop provides information on additive manufacturing (AM) technologies for metallic and ceramic components by means of hybrid materials, CAE-based virtual design, structural and functional optimization to additive manufacturing devices for multi-material approaches and parts.

Experience the functionality of additive manufacturing machines in practical sessions. Individually planned guided tours, plenary sessions and discussions in relaxed atmosphere present a unique platform for scientists and engineers to discuss latest R&D results. Join the HyMaPro Workshop.

Link to the program

Registration and more information

Tue, 06 Aug 2019 08:10:29 +0100 https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/hybrid-materials-and-additive-manufacturing-processes-hymapro-workshop/
https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/karrierestart-2020/ <![CDATA[24.01.2020 - 26.01.2020 KarriereStart 2020]]>

Aufgrund des zunehmenden Fachkräftemangels wird die frühzeitige Anwerbung und Ausbildung geeigneter Mitarbeiter auch für den High-Tech Standort Sachsen immer wichtiger. Wir möchten unsere Mitglieder bei der Personalrekrutierung aktiv unterstützen und bieten Ihnen daher wieder die Möglichkeit sich vom 24. – 26. Januar 2020 auf unserem Silicon Saxony Gemeinschaftsstand auf der KarriereStart 2020 in Dresden zu präsentieren.

Geplant ist ein Messestand in Halle 1 der Messe Dresden in unmittelbarer Nähe der Halbleiter- und Softwarefirmen. Nutzen Sie als Aussteller auf unserem Stand die KarriereStart zur gezielten Fachkräfte- und Nachwuchskräftegewinnung. Präsentieren Sie Ihre Angebote und Leistungen, geben Sie konkrete Tipps und Starthilfen und knüpfen Sie wichtige Kontakte zu Schülern, Studenten, Absolventen oder Fachkräften für Ihr Unternehmen.

Melden Sie sich jetzt an. Aufgrund der hohen Nachfrage an Ausstellungsflächen auf der KarriereStart, müssen wir unseren Silicon Saxony Gemeinschaftsstand rechtzeitig buchen. Unsere Anmeldeunterlagen finden Sie als PDF unter Downloads. Die Anmeldefrist endet am 31. Mai 2019.


Mon, 23 Apr 2018 14:26:51 +0100 https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/karrierestart-2020/
https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/date-2020/ <![CDATA[09.03.2020 - 13.03.2020 DATE 2020]]>

The conference DATE 2020, which will take place from 9 to 13 March 2020 at ALPEXPO-ALPES Congres in Grenoble, France, and will be chaired by Professor Giorgio Di Natale, CNRS/TIMA, Grenoble, France.

Join us in celebrating another exciting edition of the DATE conference – the top scientific event in Design, Automation, and Test of microelectronics and embedded systems for the academic and industrial research communities worldwide!

The Organizing Committee will prepare an exciting and profound conference programme, focusing on areas bringing new challenges to the system design community: "Embedded Artificial Intelligence" and "Silicon Photonics“.

Please click HERE to review the official Call for Papers.

We are again expecting more than 1,600 registrations from all over the world as well as 30 exhibiting companies and European Projects. This makes DATE the hotspot for exchanging worldwide leading research results and building bridges between technology, EDA and applications.

DATE offers a variety of effective opportunities for your company, ranging from
-    classic exhibition booths to meet new customers and high-quality students to
-    the possibility to organize your own session (e.g. in the popular Exhibition Theatre).

Other possibilities include among others
-    attractive sponsorship opportunities to increase your visibility on-site
-    the participation at one of the thematic campus booths.

Fri, 21 Jun 2019 08:55:26 +0100 https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/date-2020/
https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/15th-silicon-saxony-day/ <![CDATA[27.05.2020 15th Silicon Saxony Day]]>

The 15th Silicon Saxony Day will take place on May 27, 2020. Silicon Saxony will once again bring together experts and pioneers from throughout Germany’s high-tech industry.  

More information coming soon!

Please visit our event website for all information on the agenda, exhibition, keynotes and sponsors.


Fri, 30 Nov 2018 14:06:53 +0100 https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/15th-silicon-saxony-day/
https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/laser-symposium-2020-new-colors-new-chances/ <![CDATA[23.11.2020 - 25.11.2020 Laser Symposium 2020 – New colors, new chances]]>

New high power laser sources, emerging wavelengths in the green and blue light spectrum, IR lasers with flexible  intensity distribution and new pulsed laser systems with high power and energy density – these intriguing options  might open up undiscovered perspectives in laser material processing.

Foto: Fraunhofer IWS

Organized by Fraunhofer IWS Dresden, the “Laser Symposium 2020” will focus on latest laser developments and their suitability for industrial applications. With some colors available in a reasonable power range only recently, we invite you to explore answers to this key question: Do new colors extend the processing range of well-known laser technologies or will they mark the beginning of a new era in laser materials processing?

Wed, 11 Sep 2019 11:55:19 +0100 https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/laser-symposium-2020-new-colors-new-chances/