Aktuelle Veranstaltungen von Silicon Saxony e. V. https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/current-events/events-information/eventsdata/rss/?type=51080 https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/14-silicon-saxony-day/ <![CDATA[18.06.2019 14th Silicon Saxony Day]]>

The 14th Silicon Saxony Day takes place at the Dresden Airport Conference Center on June 18, 2019. Silicon Saxony will once again bring together experts and pioneers from throughout Germany’s high-tech industry.  This year’s event will focus on the technological topics of the present and near future including Artificial Intelligence, Smart Automation and many more. Our largest annual event provides an innovative and international platform for sharing ideas and trends for future information and communications technologies. In addition it includes the "5th Saxon IT-Summit" .

Please visit our event website for all information on the agenda, exhibition, keynotes, sponsors and the Saxon IT-Summit.



09:00 - 10:00Opening / Keynotes
09:00 - 18:30Exhibition
10:00 - 12:00Expert Sessions
Maintenance Management 4.0, Smart Automation, Artificial Intelligence, HR Strategies
12:00 - 14:00Break / Networking
13:00 - 16:00 Speed Dating with ICT Companies
14:00 - 16:00Expert Sessions
Technology Roadmaps, Digital Entrepreneurs, Smart Agriculture, Sensor Technologies
16:00 - 16:30Break / Networking
16:30 - 18:305th Saxon IT-Summit
18:30 - open endGet together, Networking, Food, Music....

Our Sponsors 2019



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https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/recruiting-event-speed-dating-mit-ikt-unternehmen/ <![CDATA[18.06.2019 Recruiting Event with ICT Companies]]>

Are you studying in the fields of MINT or ICT and looking for an internship, thesis or permanent position after finishing your studies? Take the chance to meet your future employer! Our recruiting event on June 18th 2019 offers you the opportunity to get to know 21 interesting and attractive companies from our high-tech network.

Here, you can meet HR staff members that would like to get to know young talents. There will be 21 really interesting high-tech companies, from large corporations to medium-sized companies to research institutes, presenting themselves during a personal interview and informing you about their current career opportunities. The “Speed Dating” will take place in cooperation with the Career Service of the Technical University Dresden and the high-tech network Silicon Saxony.

The event is part of the yearly Silicon Saxony Day which offers unique insights into future technologies and business solutions covering hardware, software and connectivity topics. Our Speed Dating event has already been successfully implemented and established over the past few years.

In 2018, 21 companies and more than 80 students took part in the Speed Dating during the Silicon Saxony Day! The participating companies and students were very satisfied with the results and the effectiveness of this recruiting event.


Student quotes from our last events:
"I got to know many new companies. The quick exchange of contacts was very helpful! "
"I particularly liked the relaxed atmosphere in spite of the relatively short speed dating times".
"The informal contact with the employers is very pleasant".
"Beautiful event to establish contacts to companies."
"Very helpful event for my future career orientation and the making of first contacts in the industry before my graduation.


Participating Companies in 2019

Speed Dating Procedure

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

13:00 - 14:00  Briefing and preparatory meeting for students
13:00 - 14:00  Briefing and preparatory meeting for companies
14:00 - 16:00  Speed Dating between Students and high-tech companies
after 16:00  Further optional networking with Speed Dating companies
and exhibitors of the Silicon Saxony Day
The interviews will be conducted in both German and English.


The registration for students is free of cost and is managed over the OPAL registration system.
In case you don't have a login for OPAL, please send an e-mail to:
stephanie.uhlig@silicon-saxony.de .

Registration Deadline: June 14th, 2019

Please note: Students, that are taking part in the Speed Dating are kindly invited to join the expert sessions e.g. Maintenance Management 4.0, Smart Automation, Artificial Intelligence that are taking place in the morning. You can also visit our accompanying exhibition, offering further networking opportunities.





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https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/business-breakfast/ <![CDATA[20.06.2019 Business Breakfast]]>

Seit 2018 ist die Techniker Krankenkasse im Rahmen des Betrieblichen Gesundheitsmanagements (BGM) offizieller Gesundheitspartner der BIO CITY LEIPZG. Das Konzept soll auch in Dresden etabliert werden und für biosaxony-Mitglieder im Raum Dresden und interessierte Firmen aus den Technologiezentren zugängig gemacht werden. Nachhaltige gesundheitliche Förderung für Mitarbeiterinnen, Mitarbeiter sowie Führungskräfte ist vielfältig und wirkt sich unmittelbar positiv auf die Unternehmenskultur und folglich auf Arbeitsprozesse wie auch die Effizienz aus.

Um Ihnen den größtmöglichen Nutzen betrieblicher Gesundheitsförderung zugänglich zu machen, stimmt die TK ihr Angebot individuell auf die spezifischen Bedürfnisse in Ihrem Unternehmen ab. Sie bekommen einen Überblick des Leistungsangebots der TK im Gesundheitsbereich (Ergonomieberatung, Führungskräftetrainings, etc.) und deren Fördermöglichkeiten. Außerdem wird ein besonderes Serviceangebot für ausländische Fachkräfte und Studierende (TK-Welcome) näher vorgestellt.

Die Anmeldung zur Veranstaltung finden Sie hier.

Wed, 12 Jun 2019 09:19:47 +0100 https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/business-breakfast/
https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/eccp-expert-talks-webinar/ <![CDATA[20.06.2019 ECCP EXPERT TALKS WEBINAR]]>

The next webinar from the series ECCP Expert Talks will take place on Thursday, 20 June 2019 at 16.00 - 17.00 hrs CET and will address the hot topic of digitalisation, which is, without any doubt, key to progress towards a competitive European industrial tissue with strong and competitive SMEs. We wanted to know what role clusters play or should play in supporting the digitalisation of SMEs, to learn more about the challenges these encounter in the process as well as see what is the connection between clusters and Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs).

For this, we invited two experts to share their knowledge with the cluster community and discuss with the audience on these issues:

Katarzyna Koziol, Enterprise and Single Market Adviser at SMEUnited, will address in her contribution not only the challenges faced by SMEs related to digitalisation, but also trends and opportunities.

Wed, 05 Jun 2019 09:59:22 +0100 https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/eccp-expert-talks-webinar/
https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/europaeisches-forum-bringt-erc-preistraeger-nach-dresden/ <![CDATA[25.06.2019 Europäisches Forum bringt ERC-Preisträger nach Dresden]]>

Die Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft veranstaltet am 25. Juni das erste Europäische Forum für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Innovation in Dresden. Bei der eintägigen Veranstaltung im Hygiene-Museum werden Preisträger des Europäischen Forschungsrates (ERC, European Research Council) aus Tschechien, Polen und Sachsen neueste Erkenntnisse aus ihren Projekten vorstellen. Das wissenschaftliche Symposium unterteilt sich in vier Themenbereiche:

  • Umwelt
  • Gesundheit
  • Materialwissenschaften
  • Data und Information

„Das Forum soll den zentraleuropäischen Forschungsraum stärken und neue Kooperationen zwischen Wissenschaftlern in den drei Regionen anstoßen“, erklärt Prof. Roland Sauerbrey, der Wissenschaftliche Direktor des Helmholtz-Zentrums Dresden-Rossendorf, das die Konferenz vor Ort organisiert. „Gerade für Promotionsstudenten und Postdocs bietet die Veranstaltung eine gute Möglichkeit, um in Kontakt mit ERC-Preisträgern zu treten und sich zu vernetzen.“

Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos. Das vollständige Programm sowie die Registrierung finden Sie hier.

Wed, 12 Jun 2019 09:39:52 +0100 https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/europaeisches-forum-bringt-erc-preistraeger-nach-dresden/
https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/entegris-technology-day-1/ <![CDATA[25.06.2019 Entegris Technology Day]]> By 2030, 50% of the car costs are expected to be electronics related. While it is an exciting source of growth for the complete supply chain, the car industry sets a great challenge to the entire eco system, from the chip makers down to the material suppliers: reaching the ppb level in failure rate at the chip level. What about meeting this objective together?

It obviously leads to the topic of purity and control in the Wafer/Reticle Handling and Photolithography area. Our specialists will present products and solutions that contribute to reduce operating costs, maximize efficiency and improve the value of your operations. Take this opportunity to meet Entegris’ technologists, and exchange on your challenges.

See the program and reserve your seat for free now!

Mon, 17 Jun 2019 14:04:51 +0100 https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/entegris-technology-day-1/
https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/new-paradigms-in-microelectronics-providing-rd-for-the-21st-century/ <![CDATA[09.07.2019 New Paradigms in Microelectronics–Providing R&D for the 21st Century]]>

CEA-Leti and the Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics with the Research Fab Microelectronics Germany (FMD) invite you to the workshop "New Paradigms in Microelectronics–Providing Research and Development for the 21st Century" at the W hotel, San Francisco, on July 9th 2019 at 5 p.m. during the SEMICON West conference.


Join us to discuss the new visions, directions and paradigms for 21st Century microelectronics. Experts from both organizations will present the newest trends and first results in next-generation neuromorphic computing, quantum technologies and microelectronic device technologies.

For more information, please contact: patrick.bressler@mikroelektronik.fraunhofer.de 

Wed, 12 Jun 2019 08:35:54 +0100 https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/new-paradigms-in-microelectronics-providing-rd-for-the-21st-century/
https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/venture-forum-2019/ <![CDATA[16.07.2019 - 17.07.2019 Venture Forum 2019]]>

The Bosch Group is welcoming collaborations with start-up companies developing and providing innovative solutions for the Future & Mobility or Urban Living at the Bosch Venture Forum 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany.

Present your company, discuss your ideas and win the Bosch Group as investor, partner or customer. At the Bosch Venture Forum we connect you with highly relevant decision makers within the Bosch Group to discuss potential synergies and collaboration opportunities.

If your company is offering products, solutions and/or services addressing the future of mobility or urban living, we encourage you to apply online for the upcoming forum. You will get the opportunity to present your case in front of investment professionals of Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH (RBVC) and delegates from R&D, innovation and business as well as product development departments of the Bosch Group.

Fifteen finalists will be selected and invited to join the forum. On the first day, the invited finalists will get an individual briefing on potential collaborations through our open innovation team as well as feedback on their pitch presentation by our investment professionals. Pitch presentations and one-on-one meetings with high level Bosch representatives will take place on the second day.

Collaboration Opportunities

Why should you participate?

Your opportunities to collaborate with the Bosch Group:

  •     Minority equity investment by Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH
  •     Partnering with the Bosch Group and its tier suppliers
  •     Development cooperation
  •     Building customer-supplier relationships
  •     Marketing & support for national / international roll-out
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https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/semicon-taiwan-2019/ <![CDATA[18.09.2019 - 20.09.2019 SEMICON Taiwan 2019]]>

With over 50,000 visitors and 700 exhibitors, SEMICON Taiwan 2018 was one of the world's largest semiconductor trade fairs last year. Of course, Europe's semiconductor industry could not be missing there: Silicon Europe, the umbrella organization of 12 European microelectronics clusters, represented the whole spectrum of the European microelectronics industry. With a total of 10 exhibitors, not a single nation faced international competition, but a flexible and innovative European network with common interests and goals.

We are pleased to be able to offer you a joint booth participation during SEMICON Taiwan 18th – 20th September 2019 in Taipei) again this year. Below, you will find information about the trade fair profile and our exhibitor offer.


SEMICON Taiwan is the premier annual industry event for micro- and nanoelectronics in Taiwan. It provides an excellent opportunity to expand into the Taiwanese market and to reach buyers, major manufacturers and companies along the semiconductor value chain shaping the future of advanced electronics. more


Together with our partners from Silicon Europe, we have reserved a booth space near the German as well as the Holland High Tech Pavilion and have developed an attractive booth concept for the joint and individual company presentation. As always, we are offering you an all-inclusive trade fair service including the entire booth organization and support, design, production and set-up of the exhibitor terminals and the creation of an exhibitor directory of the joint booth participants.

Tue, 13 Feb 2018 09:21:24 +0100 https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/semicon-taiwan-2019/
https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/v2019-vakuum-plasma/ <![CDATA[08.10.2019 - 10.10.2019 V2019 Vakuum & Plasma]]>

Die V2019 lädt vom 8. – 10. Oktober 2019 alle Fachkollegen und Interessenten zum zweijährlichen Branchentreffen zum Thema Vakuum und Plasma in der Oberflächentechnik nach Dresden ein.
Erleben Sie die Fachausstellung zur Plasma- und Vakuumoberflächentechnik gemeinsam mit den informativen und inspirierenden Fachvorträgen der V2019.


  • Traditionsreiche Veranstaltung seit 2007
  • Durchschnittlich 350 – 450 Teilnehmer
  • Anwendungsorientiert geprägt durch die traditionell enge Zusammenarbeit mit Partnern aus der praxisnahen Forschung sowie Industrie-Partnern
  • Kombiniert aktuelle Forschung mit Berichten aus der Praxis

Angebote der V2019 Fachvorträge

  • Industrieausstellung
  • Projektförderung der Industriellen Gemeinschaftsforschung
  • Fachkräfte Scouting
  • Preisverleihung
  • Besichtigungen
  • Austausch & Diskussion
  • Industrieabend
  • V-Dinner
Mon, 17 Jun 2019 09:01:40 +0100 https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/v2019-vakuum-plasma/
https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/ispa-2019/ <![CDATA[09.10.2019 - 11.10.2019 ISPA 2019]]>

From human-machine interaction to intelligent skin, from 3D ultrasound cancer diagnostics to smart implants and from energy harvesting solutions to wireless energy supply – piezoceramics enable novel, smart applications that go far beyond their traditional use in positioning, measuring or control tasks.

This years‘ International Symposium on Piezocomposite Applications (ISPA) highlights haptic solutions and medical applications of piezoceramics. Even so, the symposium will address the whole thematic variety of recent scientific and technological developments related to piezoceramics and functional units to provide solutions for control and positioning tasks, measuring tasks, power supply, materials treatment, and ultrasound and vibration applications. Beyond the technological novelties, commercial service offers and customer requirements as well as the building of future partnerships are within the scope of the symposium.

Engineers, designers and managers are invited to lecture on their state-of-the-art developments and future prospects, display their products and offers as exhibitors or to engage as sponsor.

Please find more information on call for papers, exhibition, sponsoring and registration on our event website.

Call for papers Deadline: 29.04.2019
Registration Deadline: 01.10.2019

Mon, 25 Feb 2019 13:53:33 +0100 https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/ispa-2019/
https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/semicon-europa-1/ <![CDATA[12.11.2019 - 15.11.2019 SEMICON Europa]]>

From 12 to 15 November 2019 SEMICON Europa will be held in Munich together with productronica.

The SEMICON Europa technology and business programs address the critical issues and challenges facing the microelectronics industries and provide the information, education, and guidance that needed to move your innovations and products to market.

SEMICON Europa attracts a highly influential audience from every segment and sector of the European microelectronics industries including: semiconductors, LEDs, MEMS, printed/organic/flexible, and other adjacent markets. Exhibitor and attendees meet to enact change and address industry-shaping trends.

International, innovative, unrivalled: productronica is the only event of its kind to depict the entire value chain for electronics manufacturing. Attend productronica 2019 and profit from its unique atmosphere.



Thu, 07 Dec 2017 09:47:06 +0100 https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/semicon-europa-1/
https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/smart-city-expo-world-congress/ <![CDATA[19.11.2019 - 21.11.2019 Smart City Expo World Congress]]>

Der Smart City Expo World Congress wird veranstaltet um Städte zu stärken und städtische Innovationen auf der ganzen Welt zu sammeln. Durch die Förderung sozialer Innovationen, durch Partnerschaften und die Identifizierung von Geschäftsmöglichkeiten möchte die Veranstaltung eine bessere Zukunft für Städte und ihre Bürger weltweit schaffen. Der Kongress findet vom 19. - 21. November 2019 in Barcelona statt.

Als weltweit führende Veranstaltung für Städte, bietet das Event einen einzigartigen Treffpunkt für die Smart City Branche und eine innovative Plattform für urbanes Handeln weltweit. Die Fokusthemen sind:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Urban Environment
  • Mobility
  • Governance & Finance
  • Inclusive & Sharing Cities

Das Event besteht aus drei Schwerpunkten:

1. Kongress
Ein dreitägiges Programm mit +400 internationalen Experten, die sich treffen, um Erkenntnisse auszutauschen und bewährte Praktiken für eine nachhaltigere städtische Welt zu erlernen. Ein weltweiter Dialog, der die nächsten Schritte der Stadtentwicklung prägt.

2. Ausstellung

Ein 45.000 m2 großer Marktplatz, auf dem 844 globale Unternehmen und Organisationen ihre neuesten Projekte vorstellen und auf +21.000 Teilnehmern treffen.

3. Nebenveranstaltungen & Aktivitäten
Eine kuratierte Liste von Sessions und Workshops, die das Veranstaltungsprogramm erweitert und Antworten auf konkrete Herausforderungen gibt. Der perfekte Weg, um die dringlichsten Themen zu erforschen und von Worten zu Taten überzugehen.


Thu, 14 Mar 2019 08:10:53 +0100 https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/smart-city-expo-world-congress/
https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/branchentreff-energie-umwelttechnik-23-januar-2020/ <![CDATA[23.01.2020 Branchentreff Energie- & Umwelttechnik – 23. Januar 2020]]>

Globale Umweltaspekte, Digitalisierung und politische Faktoren erfordern kontinuierlich Technologieinnovationen. Die TUD befähigt Studierende unsere Zukunft klima- und ressourcenschonend zu gestalten. Dabei kooperiert sie eng mit den Leibniz-, Fraunhofer- und Max-Planck-Instituten in Dresden sowie strategischen Hochschul- und Industriepartnern.

Sie sind in der Wertschöpfungskette der Energie- & Umwelttechnik tätig und suchen gut ausgebildete junge Talente?

Die TUD bildet 20.898 Studierende in diesem Bereich aus. Vorhandene Kompetenzen decken u.a. Bio-Geo-Chemie, Energiewirtschaft und -recht, regenerative Energiesysteme, Umwelt-Monitoring und Geoinformationstechnologien, Forstwirtschaft, Hydrologie, Limnophysik, Wasserressourcenmanagement, Mobilität/ Verkehr und Fahrzeugtechnik ab.

Zielgruppe Branchentreff

Fri, 17 May 2019 09:50:53 +0100 https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/branchentreff-energie-umwelttechnik-23-januar-2020/
https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/karrierestart-2020/ <![CDATA[24.01.2020 - 26.01.2020 KarriereStart 2020]]>

Aufgrund des zunehmenden Fachkräftemangels wird die frühzeitige Anwerbung und Ausbildung geeigneter Mitarbeiter auch für den High-Tech Standort Sachsen immer wichtiger. Wir möchten unsere Mitglieder bei der Personalrekrutierung aktiv unterstützen und bieten Ihnen daher wieder die Möglichkeit sich vom 24. – 26. Januar 2020 auf unserem Silicon Saxony Gemeinschaftsstand auf der KarriereStart 2020 in Dresden zu präsentieren.

Geplant ist ein Messestand in Halle 1 der Messe Dresden in unmittelbarer Nähe der Halbleiter- und Softwarefirmen. Nutzen Sie als Aussteller auf unserem Stand die KarriereStart zur gezielten Fachkräfte- und Nachwuchskräftegewinnung. Präsentieren Sie Ihre Angebote und Leistungen, geben Sie konkrete Tipps und Starthilfen und knüpfen Sie wichtige Kontakte zu Schülern, Studenten, Absolventen oder Fachkräften für Ihr Unternehmen.

Melden Sie sich jetzt an. Aufgrund der hohen Nachfrage an Ausstellungsflächen auf der KarriereStart, müssen wir unseren Silicon Saxony Gemeinschaftsstand rechtzeitig buchen. Unsere Anmeldeunterlagen finden Sie als PDF unter Downloads. Die Anmeldefrist endet am 31. Mai 2019.


Mon, 23 Apr 2018 14:26:51 +0100 https://www.silicon-saxony.de/nc/en/events/event-detail/events-information/event/show/karrierestart-2020/