Work Groups

Test, Analysis & Reliability

The Work Group Testing of Integrated Systems (TIS) addresses the aspects of general and continued education and training of specialists, particularly in engineering and sciences, branch-specific university and college studies as well as the relevant research and development activities in the following sectors:

  • Testing and evaluating electronic structural elements, components, and microsystems (MEMS) – “test engineers”
  • Analyzing and managing data for testing and quality assurance
  • Topics revolving around “design for testability”
  • Manufacturing segments associated with the testing of structural elements, integrated systems and components such as, for example, assembling / packaging, test devices, and test programs

Work group leader

Prof. Dr. Michael Beck

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Michael Beck
Universitätsplatz 1
01968 Senftenberg

Phone.: 03573-85 523

Dr. Werner Prischmann
Marienberger Str. 59k
01279 Dresden

Phone.: 0351-2511659