Work Groups

Smart Integrated Systems

The work group Smart Integrated Systems addresses the trend towards increasingly small, multi-functional and self-organizing systems with integrated interfaces for communicating with their surroundings.

These new visionary products are progressively determining the enterprise’s success in any sector, from the automotive industry to medical engineering, from machine engineering to the consumer goods industry, telecommunications and logistics.

In order to remain competitive, the utilization of reasonably priced and novel technologies as well as the combination and integration of various components based on miscellaneous materials and technologies into the overall system is inevitable.

The integration of nanoaspects with regard to individual components and systems on the one hand and multi-aspects concerning multi-technologies, multi-components, multi-materials, multi-functionalization and multi-functionality on the other hand is gaining significance there.

Our Goals

  • offering a communication platform for the work group members
  • presenting a joint marketing under the central theme of “Microcompetence in Saxony”
  • organizing joint trade fair appearances at appropriate occasions
  • reaching a high profile charisma
  • initiating and organizing congresses/fora under the auspices of Silicon Saxony
  • attaining economic effects for the Saxon region on the basis of the available scientific edge (e.g. setting up businesses)
  • presenting a platform for investors/venture capital providers, identifying attractive investment projects