Work Groups

Personnel Development

With the establishment of the work group Personnel Development priority was given to the issue of linking Silicon Saxony members in the various fields of personnel development. An active exchange among personnel managers with regard to any issue of personnel development is aimed at.

Our Goals

  •  Sensitization of Silicon Saxony members for issues of personnel development, with a special focus on medium-sized businesses
  •  Advancement of strategic approaches in personnel development given the accumulating lack of skilled staff and executives.
  • Transfer of knowledge and teaching of methods in the field of strategic as well as operative personnel development involving members


  • Methods of personnel selection – internal and external – techniques of personnel recruitment
  •  Operative methods of personnel development (talent management, training executives, performance assessment, performance management)
  • Approaches to staff retention
  • Approaches to staff motivation
  • Remuneration models
  • Working time models