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New Work

Why New Work?

Globalization, digitization and automation have fundamentally changed our working world. Companies are competing internationally for orders and skilled workers. They work across locations in ever more rapid, agile iterations. Humans and machines work hand-in-hand in automated processes, sometimes even becoming redundant. Knowledge is becoming increasingly important. The industrial society is giving way to the knowledge society.

The "old economy's" answers to how, where and when work should be done reached their limits long ago as a result of these changes. And so, not only have the requirements and needs of working people changed, but so has the way work is designed in the companies themselves.

The New Work idea is based on these observations; it is about finding new answers to old questions and, in doing so, meeting the transformation into our knowledge and information society in all areas of our lives.

The central values of New Work are freedom, independence and participation in the community. It is about putting people first.

Our goals

Rethinking work

Together, we want to clarify the question of what decent work should and can look like in our companies.
In this context, we discuss the status quo in our companies and measure it against work theory insights and best practices.

Transformative exchange

We want to share our knowledge and experiences with New Work openly & honestly.
In doing so, we confront the barriers and conflicts that arise when we put ideals into practice. This is how we drive transformation forward.

Ambassadors of the new world of work

We want to spread the New-Work thought and discuss it in the society.
In the process, it is important to us to bring people with different perspectives, positions and experiences into dialogue - free of age, status and gender.

How do we work

Every two months we organize an event with changing themes, organizers and guests on the topic of New Work.

In addition, we currently meet weekly in a virtual setting to work together on New Work and share our experiences.