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Cyber-physical Systems

Intermedial communication – the "Internet of things and services" means a vision for our everyday life to come. By means of an enormous number of sensors and chips, traffic flow is registered and optimized automatically, vital data gained by touch are transmitted to doctors via Smartphone, and information flow is channeled. Cyber-physical systems (CPS) represent a primary step on the path to a merging of digital and real worlds. Based on integrated circuits (IC) they mean a novel technology not merely able to gather information but also to efficiently automate industrial processes up to a self-regulating optimization. Hardly any other region besides Silicon Saxony may provide the basics for such technology: High-quality microelectronics and software Members of the trade association for the Saxon high technology, thus Silicon Saxony e.V. has recently founded a work group in order to be able to make stronger joint use of this potential.

Our Vision

Silicon Saxony becomes a european leading center of competence for CPS.

Divison Manager "CPS"

Uwe Gäbler

Uwe Gäbler
Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH

Phone: +49 (0) 351-8862709

Member Portal

Gain access to news, events, topics and room for discussion(members only and only in German at the moment):Cool Portal

Our goals

  • Building up a CPS network
  • Analysing competencies in future CPS application fields and mapping them in competence atlas
  • Generating ideas and initiating and supporting projects with priority in the fields smart city and smart factory ("industry 4.0")
  • Bringing forward norms and standards in CPS basics

Fields of application

  • Smart Factory / Industry 4.0: Smart Factory describes a wide range of technical solutions enabling a topical fabrication of products in a high-performance plant. Intelligence is already commenced in the sensor there and is pursued in the machine’s own intelligence plus its interaction with the other machines of the factory, with the commercial field and beyond.

  • Smart City: Smart and energy efficient technologies provide new solutions to current and future challenges in the fields of mobility and traffic, living and working, local citizen service, education, and health up to the cross-sectoral issue of security. We envision a Smart City of Dresden as a continuous process which is being marked by a permanent advancement of new solutions as a result of applying information and communication technologies.
Smart CityQuelle: Infineon Technologies AG