Work Groups


The European Advanced Process Control and Manufacturing (apc|m) Conference is directed to manufacturers, suppliers and scientific community of semiconductor, photovoltaic, LED, flat panel, MEMS, and other related industries. The topics are focused on current challenges and future needs of Advanced Process Control and Manufacturing Effectiveness. The conference takes place at centers of the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry in Europe annually. It is coordinated with the Sematech AEC/APC Symposium in America and Asia and Semicon Europe. The conference is organized by Silicon Saxony and hosted locally. The conference is self-financed by fees and sponsoring.

The association has founded a work group consisting of manufacturing experts who are preparing this conference together.

Our tasks

Organisational tasks

  • Selecting the conference venue
  • Defining the conference format, sponsoring packages, participant fees
  • Appointing a local organisation team
  • Defining the rules of collaboration
  • Defining and assigning  tasks

Content related tasks

  • Defining the matrix for the structure and criteria for the admission of program commitee members
  • Delegating members to the program commitee
  • Monitoring the work of the program commitee