Work Groups

Advanced Automation & Robotics

The working group "Advanced Automation & Robotics" has been active in Silicon Saxony in the course of the Robot Valley Initiative in Saxony since mid-2021 and sees itself as a part of it. The activities of the working group serve to increase the general and specific awareness of local and regional developments, projects and actors in Saxony and beyond.

The latter are to be better networked with the help of the working group and ensure long-term and sustainable connections to training, teaching as well as research, development and innovation. Through networking and joint actions, start-ups are supported and application possibilities in the technology field of "advanced automation and robotics" are expanded and disseminated. Based on the experiences of the last decades from the local semiconductor industry, the potential for other industries especially from the manufacturing industry and in the handicraft sector is enormous.

In addition to robots, the core areas are sensor technology, software and automation technologies.

The working group usually meets every two months with the core task and objectives of identifying the players, breaking down their competencies and working out definitions and boundaries and thus clearly delineating key and interfaces to all application areas.


  • Break down competencies
  • Identify actors
  • Develop definitions and delimitations

Leadership Circle:

  • Infineon Technologies Dresden
  • HighTech Startbahn GmbH
  • Wandelbots GmbH
  • Fabmatics GmbH

Contributions and recordings on the subject of robotics