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Within the past 50 years Silicon Saxony was always a driver for innovation in Microelectronics Research and Manufacturing. As a fact, the 1st 1 MB Chip in Eastern Europe was manufactured in Dresden in 1989 and the 1st 300mm Testline was installed in Dresden in 2000.With the cluster of innovative companies out of Saxony, working on 450mm technologies and solutions, we want to continue this stream of innovations.The Silicon Saxony 450mm Cluster consists of companies based out of Saxony that supply equipments or OEM solutions for semiconductor 450mm Technologies and below (300mm, 200mm, ...) or working on High End Semiconductor Solutions.


Our Vision

By 2018, Silicon Saxony will be seen as a trendsetter for innovative semiconductor manufacturing technologies for 450mm and below and may plan to install its 1st 450mm manufacturing site in the Dresden region.


High-Tech cooperation project CNSE/Albany, USA and Silicon Saxony

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Our Mission

  • Sharing information about 450mm projects
  • Supporting a European 450mm Cluster
  • Conducting shared R&D projects for 450mm solutions
  • Lobbying for semiconductor industry for 450mm (and below) in Europe, Germany and Saxony
  • Supporting funding initiatives for projects around 450mm technology
  • Providing a free platform for companies, facilities, and institutes in Saxony which are committed to the vision

Competence Matrix 450mm

On this website you will find a competence matrix of the members for the Silicon Saxony 450mm cluster. – If you are interested to participate or have contact with one of our member companies, please feel free to contact the Chairman of the cluster – Jochen Kinauer.

Competence Matrix - 450mm Cluster.pdf