Current projects

The following projects are currently being developed by Silicon Saxony e. V. and Silicon Saxony Management GmbH:

The Smart Systems Hub in Dresden has been one of the national technology lighting towers of the "de: hub" concept of the Federal Government since 2017. The plan: Within five years Dresden is to lead the national development of smart systems. Supported by the three co-partners - Silicon Saxony, HighTech Startbahn and 5G Lab, the hub develops a technology platform for building smart systems from the cradle. In the long term, it is planned to develop and market specific smart systems and "one-stop-shop" - IoT solutions consisting of the individual components of hardware, software and connectivity. more

SenSa connects seven networks:  Automotive Suppliers Saxony (AMZ, consortium leader), Silicon Saxony , Organic Electronics Saxony (OES), Center of excellence for aerospace Saxony and Thuringia (LRT), Railway Saxony, biosaxony and Innovation Association of Mechanical Engineering Saxony (VEMAS). The project intends to link researchers, developers, producers and users at the business location Saxony in order to jointly work on sensor technology solutions of the future. more

In January 2018, another new Cool Silicon project was launched, which was successfully submitted to the BMBF. Cool-RFID aims at the development of a holistic system solution, which makes it possible to detect conditions in addition to product identifiers with passive, i.e without additional battery, RFID components. For this purpose, specially developed RFID transponders are coupled with sensors (RFID sensor tags), so that the condition of the sensors can be read out wirelessly with RFID readers. The project's comprehensive approach connects members from the RFID network of the Silicon Saxony cluster with the leading-edge cluster Cool Silicon. more

In the coming years, the project called "iCool" will push forward the already existent collaboration with Cool Silicon's partner clusters Minalogic from Grenoble (France), DSP Valley from Leuven (Belgium) und High Tech NL from Eindhoven (Netherlands).In addition to the development of an internationalization concept, the main focus of the project is the definition and implementation of at least three technical projects with international partners. more