Current projects

The following projects are currently being carried out by Silicon Saxony e. V. and Silicon Saxony Management GmbH:

In the European competition for skilled workers, the microelectronics sector in particular is subject to constant change due to the ever-increasing digitisation. In the METIS project - an Erasmus+ programme - 20 international partners from industry and vocational as well as higher education from 14 European countries form a consortium to standardise training and job profiles throughout Europe, to establish current trends and to create the basis for the constantly growing requirements and skills of the future in order to be able to compete in global competition in the long term.more

As a further development and extension of the ASCENT programme, the newly launched ASCENT+ project integrates additional key European infrastructures to address emerging research challenges in the field of nanoelectronics. Through a single entry point and a user-oriented access interface, ASCENT+ offers specifically interested SMEs a unique research infrastructure in which more than 2.5 billion euros have been invested. ASCENT+ thus represents a unique opportunity for Europe to regain global leadership in nanoelectronics. more

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular are still hesitant about using artificial intelligence and migrating their data to cloud systems. Only through easy access to AI applications with simultaneous transparency and freedom to decide where and how data is processed can companies become more efficient and at the same time retain control over their data. Saxony, Germany and Europe must develop their own secure cloud and AI solutions if they do not want to fall behind internationally. more


MIND4MACHINES aims to facilitate cross-sectoral and cross-border support for manufacturing SMEs to adopt the latest digital technologies for the transformation towards smarter, greener and more resource-efficient manufacturing. This will be done in a systemic approach that promotes the creation of cross-border and cross-sector ecosystems, new emerging industries and/or empowerment in the target regions, with the ultimate goal of establishing large-scale demonstrators to test a range of digital solutions that will enable the manufacturing SMEs involved in the project to address both digitalisation and industrial sustainability challenges.