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What do rice cookers, mobile phones, baby monitors, industrial robots and cars have in common? They all contain microchips that require one or a set of photomasks to produce.

Toppan Photomask Co, Ltd, the only photomask manufacturer with manufacturing facilities in the US, Europe, Japan and Asia, together with the participation of Integral Corporation, an investment patner, will drive further growth, increase competitiveness and support the semiconductor industry as the global leader in the photomask market.

Europe is an exciting place for the photomask industry

The Dresden facility, Toppan Photomasks Germany GmbH, is based on one of the most successful and enduring joint ventures in the history of the semiconductor industry. Since 2002, the Advanced Mask Technology Center (AMTC GmbH & Co. KG), together with its partner Global Foundries, has developed strongly over several technology generations. In line with its philosophy of "One Site 2 locations Mindset and Operations Execution", the sister plant Toppan Photomasks France SAS in Corbeil-Essonnes is also key to its success by producing a large number of standard photomasks.

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Starting at 90 nm, technologies for the 45 nm, 32/28 nm, 22/20 nm and 14 nm technology cycles have been developed over the years. Today, the company in Dresden is by far one of the most advanced mask factories in Europe and the world and at the same time the world's largest commercial EUV photomask supplier.

The customer base extends well beyond Europe

As a result, the company supplies advanced photomasks to all major semiconductor markets worldwide, delivers products to more than 40 locations outside Germany and generates more than 50% of its turnover through exports.

This makes TOPPAN Photomask the leader in the European photomask market, successfully combining cutting-edge technology, seamless integration into Toppan's global photomask network and an unwavering commitment to quality and customer service.

Its success is based on its continuous work to gain and maintain the trust of customers and partners by offering reliability, safety and the full range of mask products and services. Something no other manufacturer can offer.

But what matters most is the strong international team in Europe that works with strength, dedication, commitment and loyalty for the success of the company. Do you want to be part of this team? Then become a Mask Maker!

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