SilcoTek: Preventing Corrosion and Contamination in critical processes of the Semiconductor Industry

SilcoTek® coatings have been used in the semiconductor industry for more than a decade now, providing high-purity corrosion control against some of the most aggressive chemistries in the industry. Recently, Samsung Austin Semiconductor reached out to see if coatings could help reduce the cost of ownership with their gas abatement (scrubber) fleet. SilcoTek®’s new Siltride® coating, a silicon-oxy-nitride, was able to reduce the corrosion on critical parts and Samsung estimates it will reduce heavy metals in the fab waste stream by 100 Kg/year and their solid metal waste by more than 1000 Kg/year! The coating will help contribute to much more sustainable sub-fab operations. The full case study on SilcoTek’s work with Samsung Austin Semiconductor can be found here and the paper published as part of SEMI’s Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference (ASMC) can be found here.



The variants of the various SilcoTek coatings contribute, among other things, to significantly increasing the service life of important gas-carrying components of gas purification and gas supply systems, thus helping to reduce operating costs and improve the respective system availability.

Special surface properties of some coatings deposited by the CVD process result, among other things, in a significant reduction in the adhesion of H2O water vapor residues to the process-relevant components. Flushing times and comparable activities, for example after maintenance work in water vapor-sensitive process applications, are thus significantly reduced.

A major chip manufacturer in the USA confirms that the newly developed Siltride® coating from SilcoTek®, a silicon oxy-nitrite, has significantly reduced corrosion on critical parts. This significantly reduces the release of heavy metals in the exhaust area of the equipment, and generally improves the service life of the components used.

The coating contributes to a much more sustainable operation of the production plants, increases plant availability, process stability and reduces maintenance and spare parts costs.

Other applications of the coatings in the semiconductor industry include gas supply components, pressure regulators, valves, process chambers in applications such as epitaxial CMP and wet etch equipment, and plasma process applications. In addition, in processes where a barrier coating can help reduce the risk of contamination from metallic contaminants.

Case Study of SilcoTek and Samsung Austin Semiconductor Collaboration
ASMC Publication (SEMI's Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference)

Image: SilcoTek