DecompileD 2020: Developer conference highlights mobile, cloud and machine learning

On 27 March the DecompileD developer conference will take place for the 2nd time in Dresden. Hundreds of developers and software engineers as well as start-up founders, students, product owners and decision makers of the ICT industry are expected in the OSTRA-DOME. Numerous well-known companies such as Google, Amazon Web Services, Flix Bus, Vodafone, Cloud & Heat, Wandelbots and many more will be on site with their own speakers and experts. Speakers are even coming from Norway and Israel. In a total of 26 contributions in 2 tracks, specialists in their field will highlight various aspects of mobile, cloud engineering and machine learning at the Saxon user conference.



The software sector is growing. And not only in Saxony. Hardly any area - whether in industry, business, science, research or the public sector - can do without those lines of code that make machines efficient, robots capable of acting, cars multimedia, the Internet interactive or your own mobile phone smart. Developers and software engineers, once described as nerds, are now much sought-after - some of them real stars, even outside their own scene. The present and future need smart code. Tomorrow's challenges are already being met digitally today.

One indication: In Saxony alone, the number of employees in the software sector has doubled in the past ten years from 12,000 in 2008 to 28,000 in 2018. And the trend is still rising sharply.

Reason enough for LOVOO, one of the renowned software providers in the Free State of Saxony, to create its own location event for the industry for the first time in 2018. 270 participants made DecompileD a success from scratch in its premiere year. At that time still in the Parkhotel Dresden, the developer conference saw itself as the platform for questions like:

  • How to migrate a platform to Google's AppEngine?
  • What are the challenges of virtualization in the cloud?
  • What influence does Big Data and analyses based on it have on everyday business?
  • What role will machine learning on smartphones play in the future?

to answer these questions. DecompileD 2020 is now dedicated to the latest trends. Whether AI-based algorithms, cognitive business, robotics, Kotlin Multiplatform, Azure, API management, Kubernetes, Flutter, mobile development or BigData migration - the DecompileD 2020 program leaves hardly any developer wishes unfulfilled.
This year speakers such as:

  • Nils Heuer, Global Solutions Architect Volkswagen Group | Amazon Web Services;
  • Martin Splitt, Developer Advocate | Google;
  • Vladimir Jovanovic, Senior Android Engineer | Flixbus;
  • Lilli Landmann, Design Operator | Startnext GmbH;
  • Julian Eberius, Senior Architect - Big Data | Vodafone Group Plc;
  • Mey Beisaron, Backend Developer | AppsFlyer Inc;
  • Christoph Biering, Head of AI & Co-Founder | Wandelbots GmbH;
  • Sven Malvik, Team Lead Cloud Platform | Vipps AS;
  • Toni Das, Machine Learning Engineer | AI4BD Germany GmbH;

present. The DecompileD 2020 program is already online. The registration is running at full speed. You too can take advantage of the opportunity to network at the OSTRA-DOME Dresden on 27 March. Secure your personal event ticket today.  

DecompileD Conference at a glance

  • Date: Friday, 27 March 2020
  • Place: OSTRA-DOME & Studios, To the fair 9 A, 01067 Dresden
  • Topics / Tags: Mobile, Cloud, Machine Learning / Conference, Tech, Event, Dresden
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