Cloud&Heat Technologies: Sustainable AI for a greener planet

How should compute infrastructure be provided and used in the future? Cloud&Heat Technologies and Nyris build up green and modern AI applications.As an AI application expert producing large amounts of data, nyris GmbH is aware of their responsibility towards energy efficiency and sustainability of their infrastructures. With Cloud&Heat, Nyris can easily scale their services based on both energy-efficient and individual tailored digital infrastructure.



Together, the companies show how sustainable AI and Machine Learning can be.

But what are the benefits of the Cloud&Heat infrastructure?
In a whitepaper about cost- and energy efficiency in data centers, Cloud&Heat transparently shows the difference between their and a traditional air cooled data center infrastructure. The foundation for their calculation is the data center and its infrastructure operated by Cloud&Heat in the Eurotheum in Frankfurt.

By utilizing Cloud&Heat technology, savings in the following areas can be achieved:

  • reduction of power consumption by eliminating onboard-fans
  • increased energy efficiency and power density by water cooling technology
  • reduction of emissions and saving of heating costs by waste heat recovery

Read the entire whitepaper here
Here you can read the use case from Nyris

Image: Cloud&Heat Technologies