Heliatek: Solar Power for Wind Turbine Tower

Heliatek, the global leader in development and manufacturing of large-area, industrial-grade, flexible organic solar films is pleased to announce the realization of the world-wide first OPV installation on a wind-turbine. The "hybridization" of a wind turbine with solar technology was a research field for years and has now become reality with this demonstrator project.



The system has been installed on one of the turbines towers of the Breña Wind Farm in Albacete, Spain, which ACCIONA owns and operates. The turbine is an AW77/1500 of Nordex-ACCIONA Windpower technology, mounted on an 80-metre-high steel tower (hub height). The 120 solar films - facing southeast-southwest for optimum use of solar radiation - cover approximately 173 m² of the tower and generate a total power of 9.36 kWp.

Guido van Tartwijk, CEO Heliatek: "Awesome to see Heliatek's OPV solution enable hybridization of wind-energy on Acciona Energia's Wind-turbine in our landmark project in Spain. Heliatek's organic solar films fit seamlessly on the 80m high wind-turbine tower."

According to the official ACCIONA press release, this new photovoltaic system will support the auxiliary systems of the wind turbine. Certain systems continue functioning also in shutdown mode, when there is no sufficient wind, sourcing power from the grid. Heliatek OPV films will be able to cover the energy demand related to the operation of the wind turbine when the sun is shining and even - in a possible later phase of the project – without sun irradiation by using a battery system. This will lead to the wind turbine to be operating without utilization of any grey electricity from the grid.

Belen Linares, Energy Innovation Director, ACCIONA ENERGY: "We are studying a number of emerging photovoltaic technologies as it seeks to lead the adoption of more efficient solutions and grow as a solar developer. ACCIONA believes that organic photovoltaics have one of the best improvement curves in terms of technological efficiency, so the company has decided to pilot the technology."