TU Dresden retains its title as University of Excellence

Jubilee at the TU Dresden: The TU Dresden is permanently promoted as a university of excellence! This was announced last Friday at a press conference of the German Council of Science and Humanities (WR). The decision was made by the Excellence Commission, consisting of the expert committee and the ministers responsible for science at the federal and state levels. TU Dresden is thus one of a total of eleven universities of excellence in Germany and the only university of excellence in the eastern German Länder.

The university welcomed the decision with much applause. In his first reaction, the Rector, Prof. Hans Müller-Steinhagen, emphasised the importance for the strategic development of the university: "We have been funded as a university of excellence for seven years now and thanks to this support we have managed to be among the top German universities. We have used the previous funding to attract top national and international scientists to the TU Dresden, to optimise our structures and processes and to further intensify our cooperation with non-university research institutions within the framework of DRESDEN-concept. Building on this, we have written a new proposal for the coming years until 2028, which convinced the reviewers. I would like to thank everyone involved! "

All of Saxony benefits from this success," commented Michael Kretschmer (CDU), Prime Minister of Saxony, on the jury's decision. "The title 'University of Excellence' is associated with international visibility. Dresden can thus attract the best scientists. That helps us all."

"There is a special spirit among employees and students at the university to face the new challenges again and again, to be a driving force in research, teaching and transfer", the Saxon Minister of Science Eva-Maria Stange (SPD) praised the successful Dresden application. "With its research strength, the strong networking and cooperation with the non-university research institutions and partners in Dresden-Concept, the high quality of its teaching and the lively internationality, the TU is setting standards in Saxony and is pulling the other universities along.

The long-term overall strategy still aims to position the TUD permanently in the top group of German universities. The following five points are of decisive importance:

  1. The world's best talents at all career levels should choose the TU Dresden and develop their full potential here.
  2. The TU Dresden will continue to sharpen its scientific profile and expand its potential.
  3. The synergetic cooperation within the university and within the framework of the DRESDEN-concept network is to be further expanded. This also applies to international cooperations.
  4. The impact and visibility of the TU Dresden in business and society will be intensified.
  5. The mixture of enthusiasm, innovative strength, willingness to change and team spirit, which is highly praised as the "Dresden Spirit", is to be further boosted at the Dresden science location.

The TU Dresden was able to convince the decision-makers with this concept. "Our concept is not just a 'Continue like this'. It is based both on the successful implementation of the institutional strategy from the previous round of the Excellence Competition and on precise analyses and suggestions from the ranks of the university and our vision of the future," emphasises Prof. Müller-Steinhagen. Approximately 1,000 TUD members were involved in the development of the concept.

The decision is also so important for the TU Dresden because it is a matter of long-term funding. A scientific evaluation takes place every seven years. Funding will start on 1 November 2019. A total of around 148 million euros per year will be available to fund all universities of excellence.

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Picture: © TUD/Sven Geise