First Sensor: Collaboration with Automation Specialist

First Sensor AG, a developer and manufacturer of standard products and customer-specific sensor solutions, is expanding its collaboration with a German group in the field of control and automation technology. In this context, the sensor specialist has started series production of a customer-specific pressure sensor solution. The sensors, which are equipped with evaluation electronics, monitor the flow of compressed air in industrial pneumatic applications such as gripper arms and hoists. The key customer intends to achieve an initial volume target before the end of the current year and to more than triple its purchases by 2022.

"Industrial process control is a focus application where we are utilizing our products with growing demand. This is also demonstrated by the expansion of collaboration with our key customer, which we have been supplying with standard products from the fields of pressure and advanced electronics for around ten years. In addition, the customer has now entrusted us with the development and supply of a customer-specific solution in the upper performance range to contribute to efficient energy consumption in pneumatic applications," explains Dr. Dirk Rothweiler, CEO of First Sensor.

The pressure sensors are manufactured at the location in Berlin-Weißensee, where the development of a secondary product integrating a customer-specific sensor chip from First Sensor has already begun. The sensors are based on the application of the thermal measurement principle, in which a heating element and temperature-sensitive resistors monitor the mass throughflow on the basis of the temperature profile in the medium. This way, with a flow rate of 2 to 200 liters of air per minute, the sensors can detect pressures of up to 10 bar. The high-precision technology is also suitable for use in medical respiratory devices.

In 2018, First Sensor increased its sales with products for industrial process control by around 13 %. During the current fiscal year, alongside pressure sensor technology, optical products for machine vision are also contributing to growth in this area.


Image: First Sensor