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GERA-IDENT manufactures and develops identification products and systems, particularly in the field of passive HF and UHF RFID. Being an independent medium sized enterprise, GERA-IDENT has been providing products and service to various international enterprises for several years. Thereby, the company counts on practical and occasionally unconventional solutions; always in close cooperation with its customers and partners. 

GERA-IDENT was founded on December 22nd 2005 in Gera, Germany and focuses on Auto-ID, passive HF and UHF RFID in particular. Since the beginning, it has been supplying customized products and solutions to all kinds of enterprises and business fields.

The company supplies industrial customers such as automotive and pharmaceutical industry, food logistics and production, art objects as well as sports event. Its clients in the textile sector include hospitals, commercial and social laundries and penitentiaries.

Services are divided into production, system integration and development. GERA-IDENT consistently emphasizes high quality standards, flexibility and customer focus and therefore employs highly skilled and motivated personnel.

We are pleased to welcome GERA-IDENT as a member of Cool Silicon e. V - the research initiative of Silicon Saxony - starting in May 2018!

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Keplerstrasse 23
07549 Gera

Tel.: +49 (0) 365 / 830 700 0