General Meeting of Cool Silicon e. V.

Yesterday, the members of Cool Silicon e. V. met. for the annual general meeting. The host this year were the Dresden Technical Collections.

Before the re-election of the Management Board, the new Executive Board member was introduced: Torsten Thieme - Managing Director of memsfab GmbH and Member of the Executive Board of Silicon Saxony e. V. - became Deputy Chairman of Cool Silicon e. V.  He thus inherited Helmut Warnecke, Managing Director of Infineon Dresden, who at his own request entered into retirement at the end of September 2017.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Mikolajick, CEO, Frank Bösenberg, Cluster Manager and Stefan Uhlig, Senior Project Manager of Cool Silicon e. V. subsequently presented last year's activities of the association. Above all, the projects "CoolCarbonConcrete" and "iCool" met with great interest among the members present and can already show good results.

As part of the CoolCarbonConcrete project, for example, from March 20-21, a highly successful Open Space Innovation Forum was held. representatives of the construction and electronics industry got engaged in lively workshops on the installation of electronic components, fiber optics, power and electronic sensor networks in carbon concrete. By combining the quite different competencies present, the two-day, open-topic event developed an exciting and goal-oriented discourse on the future of infrastructure development.

The internationalization project iCool of Cool Silicon e. V. has already launched two technical projects with partners from research and industry. The project team now focuses on implementing the activities defined in the internationalization concept, e.g. strengthening relations with the iCool partner regions Belgium and the Czech Republic.

In addition, reference was made to upcoming events in 2018, for example the next CoolCarbonConcrete project workshop in the context of the Silicon Saxony Day on May 29, 2018.

Also two new members - the AXO Dresden GmbH and Sempa Systems GmbH - had the chance to introduce themselves to the network.

We look forward to another exciting and successful year in Cool Silicon e. V.! 

Current Projects:


New Members 2017:

AXO Dresden GmbH
Sempa Systems GmbH
EURIS Semiconductor
FAP (Forschungs- und Applikationslabor Plasmatechnik) GmbH 
Dresden Leibniz-Institut für Festkörper- und Werkstoffforschung 
Dresden Fraunhofer-Institut für Mikroelektronische Schaltungen und Systeme 
Picosun Europe GmbH 
mi2-factory GmbH 

New Members 2018:

(until March 2018)

Fraunhofer IOF
Dresden Informatik GmbH

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