faizod: Epic nautical voyage forges ahead with Blockchain

  • faizod: Epic nautical voyage forges ahead with Blockchain
    The route will loop around North and South America covering 34,000 nautical miles.
  • faizod: Epic nautical voyage forges ahead with Blockchain
    Norbert Sedlacek Koch will complete the voyage single-handedly.

31 days left until the departure of an epic voyage being powered in part by faizod.  On July 29th, 2018 the Open60AAL, the actualization of the "Ant Arctic Lab" project, will depart on a single-handed, non-stop, without assistance trip around the world.  The journey will cover 34,000 nautical miles and set a new sailing record.  The challenge is being undergone to push the envelope in technology, software, and engineering for sailing.


The boat was designed by Innovation Yachts, making use of only sustainable and recyclable materials.  Collaborators represent a number of nations and disciplines, and the combination of skills will culminate in a demonstration of how material and technological innovation together can make what previously seemed impossible possible.

The boat will be single-handedly navigated by Norbert Sedlacek Koch, a very accomplished sailor who completed his first circumnavigation in 1996.  Koch is skilled as a sailor, repairman, craftsman, and weather-expert.

faizod is helping the team forge ahead by supplying them with faizod.GPS-Blockchain Tracker software.  As the boat travels the world, its path will be tracked consistently without gaps.  The tracker quickly and easily determines the GPS coordinates and transfers them to the Blockchain, recording the coordinates as transactions in the decentralized database.

Viewers can continually check the location of the boat – this mode of tracking is safe because the waypoints are not dependent on the Blockchain itself, but rather they are connected to one another, creating transparency.

Stay tuned and follow the journey starting July 29th here: 


Images: faizod