faizod: Blockchain Bundesverband welcomes Blockchain in Germany

A new lobby group for Blockchain in Germany recently announced plans to roll out a comprehensive strategy and legal framework for advocacy for welcoming Blockchain technology in Germany. The group sees a very positive future for the technology and sees the lack of regulation and oversight as a hindrance to the growth of the industry in Germany; they hope to help establish a market for the technology.

The group released a paper on initial coin offering (ICOs) and existing regulations which argued that Germany has been lagging in establishing an approach to the rise of Blockchain. They claim that the national government is seeking to test these technologies for use in government work and these pilot projects will be imperative for setting standards for use of the distributed ledger.

They are promoting an increase in research on Blockchain, especially in combination with other technologies such as autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, and data science. The federal government has a relatively large research budget and the group argues that an increase in research will also be key in putting Germany on the map for Blockchain in the future.