Review ALD Symposium 2018

More than 30 participants from industry and research met on 10 December for this year's ALD Symposium, which was co-opted by the Research & Development working group and held at the TU Dresden.

Seven lectures provided a comprehensive overview of the current worldwide ALD activities and specific economic and scientific perspectives. Insights into process and plant development as well as research efforts in the field of consumables were granted.

Participants were given the opportunity to exchange bilaterally or to discuss specific aspects of the activities presented in the areas of spintronics, photronics or coatings for higher abrasion resistance.

In a concluding panel discussion specific process requirements and potential joint project approaches were also discussed. Thus, eight ideas for cooperations and research projects were recorded.

Afterwards, the ALD community met at the cozy Dresden Christmas markets.

Many thanks go out to the presenters and the organizing team Jonas Sundqvist, Martin Knaut and Christoph Hossbach.

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