ALD Lab Saxony Symposium at Semicon Europa 2017

The ALD Lab Saxony just held its annual Symposium at SEMICON Europe in Munich, Germany. Prof. Bartha, Dr. Jonas Sundqvist, Dr. Martin Knaut and Dr. Christoph Hossbach have been organizing the event since 2012 in Dresden. This year about 50 persons attended the symposium.

The intention of the Symposium is to improve visibility of the Atomic Layer Deposition technique and its capabilities and to increase the networking within the ALD community. The given talks gave an overview of current research and development topics as well as examples of ALD applications, equipment, chemical and supply chain in manufacturing.

This year’s agenda combined several talks from ALD Lab Saxony members and partners from academia and industry on ALD equipment, applications, metrology as well as ALD simulations. This year the symposium was divided into two sessions: “Equipment and Applications” and “Precursors, Precursor Delivery, Metrology and Simulations”.

New exciting applications in the field of MEMS were presented by Fraunhofer ISIT, ALD corrosion protection by Bosch and metal precursor sourcing and supply chain solutions by Umicore to mention a few.

The complete agenda can be found here ) and upon request the presentations will become available.

About ALD Lab Saxony

The ALD Lab Saxony is an initiative of the Cool Silicon network and combines the expertise of several universities and research institutes to form the largest German cluster in the field of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD). The common goal is to promote research and development in this area and to further develop possible applications (such as in the area of energy storage, e.g. lithium-ion batteries) and innovations, for example with materials. ALD Lab Saxony organizes networking events, workshops and conferences for its members and industry representatives


„EFDS ALD For Industry“ Workshop in Dresden / 21-22 March 2018

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