ALD Lab Saxony participation and exhibition at EuroCVD-Baltic ALD 2017 in Linköping, Sweden

ALD Lab Saxony participated in the EuroCVD-Baltic ALD 2017 Conference in Linköping, Sweden 11th to 14th of June 2017.

The ALD Lab Saxony members (TU Dresdem, Fraunhofer ENAS and Fraunhofer IKTS) gave presentations and posters in the following fields:

  • Precursors (design, synthesis and delivery)
  • Process Equipment (reactors)
  • Nanomaterials (particles, 2D-materials, nano structures)
  • In-situ monitoring (QCM, Ellipsometry, IR, syncrotron)
  • Nitrides (semiconductors, conductors, hard coatings)
  • Carbides (hard coatings, semiconductors)
  • Elemental films (metals, amorphous carbon)
  • Emerging materials (hybrid MLD/ALD, sulfides)

ALD Lab Saxony also participated in the exhibition with a joint table together with Colnatec from Arizona USA and VTT Finland.

About ALD Lab Saxony
ALD Lab Saxony is a cluster of research groups working in the field of atomic layer deposition. It acts as a division of Cool Silicon Saxony e. V.: 

EuroCVD-Baltic ALD 2017 Conference

Photo credit: Professor Henrik Pedersen, Twitter