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AXO DRESDEN GmbH - Applied X-ray Optics and High Precision Deposition - was founded as a Spin-off by employees of the Fraunhofer Institute Material and Beam Technology Dresden (IWS) with a participating share of the Fraunhofer Society. 

The production program contains both single X-ray optics and complex X-ray optical systems to generate high intensity collimated or focussed monochromatic X-ray beams, special customized depositions and applications in X-ray reflectometry and diffraction.

 A wide assortment of flat and curved X-ray optics are available that can be used with the common types of X-ray sources with respect to wavelength, construction and focus geometry.

 AXO DRESDEN develops and applies various high precision deposition techniques for the production of nanometer single and multilayers showing sub-nanometer precision.

We are pleased to welcome AXO DRESDEN as a member of Cool Silicon e. V - the research initiative of Silicon Saxony - starting in January 2018!

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