Cool Award 2015 (en)

The Award for energy-efficient Micro- and Nanotechnologies

As in previous years, we are awarding the Cool Silicon Award 2015 in two categories: energy-efficient solutions and scientific papers published between May 2014 and May 2015.

Take this opportunity to communicate your success!

As award winner, your project will be publically presented as a model for energy efficiency. The first placed winner will receive the Cool Award Trophy and the second as well as third placed a certificate honoring the submitted solution or paper.

The highest award is endowed with € 2,500, the second with € 1,000 and the third with € 500.

Selected experts of Cool Silicon e.V. members as well as international project partners will decide on the Cool Award’s winner. Standardized assessment criteria are set as benchmark for the jury’s decision applying for all submitted projects.

The award’s ceremony takes place at this year’s SEMICON EUROPE on the 7th of October at “MESSE Dresden”. One day before, the award winners will have the chance to present their energy-efficient solution or paper within the “Low Power Conference” (also at MESSE Dresden).

All companies and research as well as educational institutions that successfully worked on energy-efficient solutions or publications can apply. Please submit your application documents by sending an E-mail to 

Please indicate the following facts within your application:

Scientific papers:

  • Interdisciplinary meaning of the paper
  • Degree of innovation
  • Market potential
  • Possibility of utilization ( marketability, transformation into a product)
  • Former awards
  • Energy savings (quantified)

Energy efficient solutions:

  • Degree of innovation
  • Proven cost savings
  • Possibility of utilization ( marketability, transformation into a product)
  • Energy savings
  • Benefits/costs
  • Potential market penetration

Deadline for applications: 31st of August 2015.

If you have any questions, we are pleased to help you. Feel free to contact us via telephone: +49 (0) 351 8925 800.