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metraTec is a specialist for wireless electronics in the fields Identification (RFID), Localization (IPS), RF communication and Wireless Power. 

With its products and OEM modules the company helps customers world wide to track their supply chains in real time, to identify persons and objects and localize them in a building, to send data from one device to another, to charge their batteries without a cable as well as many more applications.

metraTec's product portfolio includes a wide range of RF electronics and hardware for the application areas "Identification" (RFID), "Localization" (Indoor-Positioning), "Communication" as well as "Wireless Power" with the focus on

"Making things communicate"


We are pleased to welcome metraTec as a member of Cool Silicon e. V - the research initiative of Silicon Saxony - starting in May 2018!

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metraTec GmbH
Werner-Heisenberg-Straße 1
39106 Magdeburg
Tel: +49 391 251906-00