About us

Silicon Saxony is one of Europe‘s most successful trade association for the semiconductor, electronic, microsystems and software industries. The number of members has risen to 342 at present.

In order to create effective and efficient networks the association enables vibrant forums for its members and specialists. These work groups are an essential driving force in the development of new technologies and procedures, e. g. cyber-physical-systems based on high-quality microelectronics and software.

Five star award: In 2012 we were awarded the GOLD label for excellent cluster management by the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI). In 2015 we passed the recertification. Thus, Silicon Saxony ranks among the first three European clusters bestowed the independent quality certificate.

Our goals

With the objective of strengthening the sustainability of the business region as a location for information & communication technology (ICT) at both the national and international level, the association sees itself as a communication and cooperation platform for its members. The close cooperation that exists within the network promotes and stabilizes the economic development of the member companies. Intelligent cooperative partnerships among the members permit knowledge transfer, synergies, close business relationships, and promote innovative power.

Externally, Silicon Saxony e. V. makes a vital contribution to the active locational marketing as well as the creation of networks among European microelectronics venues.

Our members are active in the following fields

Service Provider
Public Institutions

Benefits of the membership

  • Information- and Communication platform
  • Events and Fairs
  • Marketing
  • Services
  • Special Rates

Our structure

Our divisions and their working groups are the network’s backbone and driving
force of our network. The following graphic shows how it all comes together: