Smart Systems

The division Smart Systems was founded by Professor Thomas Geßner during the MSt-conference in Dresden from 15 to 17 october 2007. Chairman is Dr. Torsten Thieme. The division has about 30 members from the Silicon Saxony network  and one advisory board. Any event initiated by the division Smart Systems is open to all Silicon Saxony members.

Our Goals

The Smart Systems Division offers its members a platform for discussions and marketing activities. This platform:

  • analyzes strategic orientations of national and international developments in microsystems technology and makes them transparent and applicable to our members.
  • supports and promotes R&D activities and innovation in microsystems technology purposefully to strengthen the local competencies in this field.
  • promotes cooperation with political and administrative bodies to generate a creative atmosphere in the regional economy.
  • initiates sponsored projects.
  • organizes marketing events (conventions, conferences, cooperation with the media) to outline the local competencies.