Micro / Nano

The Division Micro-/Nanoelectronics represents the origin and heart of the Silicon
Saxony association. At the end of 2000, 20 enterprises and research institutions involved
in microelectronics came together to found this trade association as a platform for information, communication and cooperation.Today 5 working groups are actively working on topics along the microelectronics value creating chain. These forums discuss important trends and requisite requirements of the major microelectronics sectors, e.g. the challenge of implementing 450 mm technology into the chip production process.



Our Goals

  • Tailor-made information and communication offers for strategically essential developments
  • Active support of the technology transfer and the initiation and assistance of cooperation and projects
  • Topical work groups include: IC Design, Test Integrated Systems, R&D, aec | apc Conference
  • Multidisciplinary cooperation (close contact to the other divisions and high-tech networks) for the conceptualization of products and business fields
  • Assistance for entering new markets through joint booth representations
  • Organization of workshops, expert conferences, symposia and conventions
  • Joined national and international Public Policy for the perpetuation of Saxony / Europe as a business site for the semiconductor industry