Visible or invisible – Applications of all branches from articles of daily use to technologies of the furture are being infused by microtechnology. The division Applications represents the competence platform for applications within Silicon Saxony.

Our Goals

  • Basis of our work are applications with a high amount of Micro- or Nanotechnology.
  • We know the expertise of our members concerning applications and we know how to use it.
  • We provide and promote the exchange of information and offer a platform for on-topic task forces.
  • We build and promote networks and we use them to find partners.
  • We recognize new technologies and trends in our fields of expertise.
  • We are looking for innovative ideas for new applications and we promote the initiation of new project.

Divison Manager "Applications"

Uwe Gäbler

Uwe Gäbler
Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH

Phone: 0351-8862709
e-mail: uwe.gaebler@infineon.com