Cross cluster cooperation

Saxony is characterized by strong cluster initiatives. In this context, the cross cluster project C3-Saxony combines the two key technology clusters Silicon Saxony (microelectronics) and biosaxony (Life sciences) for enhancing the development of interdisciplinary technologies. The Saxon State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport coordinates the EU-funded project C3-Saxony. The project benefits from strong network structures of the partners involved and strengthens Saxony as a business and science location.


Targeting SMEs
Together with partners located in science, economy and politics, the consortium of C3-Saxony supports incubation projects and hence small and medium sized enterprises in R&D-projects. C3-Saxony focuses on supporting innovation activities and creating completely new value chains at the borderline of microelectronics and life sciences, especially in the areas of medical technology and personalized medicine. Hence, this cross cluster cooperation contributes to the sustainability of the Saxon High Tech region.


Period: 2/2014 – 1/2016
Initiation and support of cross-sectoral cooperation
Microelectronics and life science
Target industries:
Medical technology and personalized medicine
Project coordination:
Saxon State Ministry for Economic affairs, Labour and Transport

Co-funded by the European Union


C3-Saxony seeks to identify and support cooperation projects at the borderline of microelectronics and life sciences. With the collaboration of the Junior Professorship for Knowledge Architecture (TU Dresden) project owners compile and develop in promising project ideas that will get into contact with potential project partners. For achieving higher technology readiness levels, individually defined services support the project ideas afterwards. Silicon Saxony, biosaxony as well as Agil GmbH Leipzig – coordinator of the Enterprise Europe Network Saxony – promote the participating project ideas. Participating in European matchmaking events and innovation fora offers possibilities for the project owners to communicate their ideas in a European environment and identify European partners for cooperation.

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