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Silicon Saxony" is Europe's largest microelectronics/ICT location and the fifth largest in the world. Every third chip produced in Europe bears the imprint "Made in Saxony". GlobalFoundries, Infineon, and Bosch operate some of the world's largest and most modern semiconductor factories in Dresden. The region is home to a unique concentration of players in the fields of micro- and nanoelectronics, organic electronics, tactile Internet / 5G, MEMS / sensors and automation technology. With Silicon Saxony e. V. Saxony has one of the most successful industry associations in Europe.

About 2,500 Saxon companies with a total of 70,500 employees are active at all stages of the ICT value chain: They develop, manufacture and market integrated circuits or serve the chip industry as suppliers of materials and equipment, produce and sell electronic products and systems based on integrated circuits or develop and market software.

The mainly small and medium-sized companies benefit from the strong academic environment in the Free State: four universities, five universities of applied sciences, nine Fraunhofer, three Leibniz, one Helmholtz and two Max Planck Institutes are active in the field of microelectronics/ICT - and often even world leaders.

Software from Saxony

About 1,700 software companies employ more than 30,000 people in Saxony. Saxon companies and research institutions are making a decisive contribution to global future topics - including above all cyber-physical systems as the basis for Industry 4.0 / Smart Factories, energy-efficient production and mobility of the future.

Software technologies in Saxony focus on future topics such as software for embedded systems, Big Data / Smart Data, IT security as well as business and industry software.

Above all, manufacturers and users of electronic components benefit from this diversity of expertise, but also numerous other industries such as mechanical and plant engineering, the automotive, printing and pharmaceutical industries, biotechnology and other service providers.